The Ends

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Rejjie Snow Lyrics

“The Ends”
(feat. Jesse James Solomon)

[Rejjie Snow:]
I’m strolling down the street (I’m strolling down the street)
I’m just tryna fu****g eat (I’m just tryna fu****g eat)
Yeah, I’m strolling down the street (I said I’m strolling down the street)
Yeah, I’m just tryna fu****g eat (I’m just tryna fu****g eat)
(Shut the f**k up, shut the f**k up)
Tell my lover I’m inpatient (I’m impatient)
Kick the desk between the vinyl so you play it (so you play it)
And I ain’t pulling out cus p***y made me famous (it really did)
And I’m the sweetest guy but tryna see you naked (tryna see you)
And we the goofiest, and loving you is basic (so basic)
I transform and be the greatest rapper, baby (I be the God)
And broken bottles, all this money that you making
Pop goes the weasel (Pop)
How now, brown cow? My weapons all illegal (all illegal)
I feel so lonely, I’m so sad, sad, smoking faces
I feel so scrawny, and so bony, I ain’t eating bacon
And all these rappers say they know me but I’m feeling hated
And when I’m down finna fly to where the grass Jamaican
And we can be some Masons, and we can study greatness
I bet the afro is black and the Panthers shall awaken
And when the evidence is evident I never shake it
I took this brand new phone, and I deleted faces
I don’t believe in Satan (I don’t)
The crucifix is painted (it is)

[Rejjie Snow (Jesse James Solomon):]
Yo spit this s**t J, let them know what they be missin’
(Aight, say nuttin’)
But I mean really let them know what they be missin’ ([*laugh*])
Since ’04 we be doing this s**t, nigga

[Jesse James Solomon:]
My boy I’m dipping through the ends, nigga, hit me up round 10
I got a ting, she’s peng and I think she got a friend
Now I’m dippin through the streets, nigga, tryna flip a key
Them niggas off of B, how they sleeping on the pen?
I got dumped by my ex and I ain’t tryna make amends
Being single makes no sense
We in the igloo and we listenin to Rej
All the snow got these b*****s on the edge

[Rejjie Snow:]
I said them niggas isn’t me, I told her I can barely breathe
When I’m sketching over campus, make the messiest of sheets
I feel like Ethiopian, I feel like I am king

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