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Pickin' Off Peanuts

This song is by Seven Foot Dilly & His Dill Pickles and appears on the compilation The Roots of Rap: Classic Recordings From the 1920’s and 30’s (1996).

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-Here comes Dilly now
-Hello boys
-Hello Dilly
-Looks like you picked me to have some music
-Get me a box and we'll play, all play
-What you gonna play?
-Pickin' off peanuts, put them in your pocket
-Bust down

I know I'm a little late, but I had to go by Cosgrove's to get my mule shod
Ol' lady wanted me to get two or three other little things
Some snuff and tobaccer and some kerosene
Didn't have no can, I had to put it in that-there old gallon jug

And that infernal stopper come out of that jug
Don't you smell kerosene on me now?
It run all down that old mule's leg
He had one fit right after t'other

Run out in old man Jones's 'tater patch
Tore his mail box down
Parted his garden fence
Gone on down there-that bridge

Them fellas hauling them logs
Busted a hole in that bridge
That old mule, he wouldn't cross
I got off and led him

He commenced running back'ards
Drug me all out there in that mud hole
Good thing I had on boots
If I hadn't, why, I'd a left my shoes right there

Tell you the truth, I didn't feel much like coming
Had rheumatism a day or two
Joints all aching
Never felt worser in my life

Have any idea as to what we'll get out of this?
I hope they pay us
I don't like this-here ten cents on a corner

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