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Wrath Lyrics

bi**h you’ll be layed down by my rounds
So, no escaping from my hell
Bells will ring signaling you failed
Delve deep, 12 links leading to kills

Living life with a fu***d up mind
You’ll find I tried to die more than twice
Throw a fu****g missle at me and I will survive
Sold my soul to the devil, he told me it was more than enough to fu****g suffice
Trust God, must I, when the devil was always on my side
Lights out, strike now, otherwise you’ll end up in a burnt down house, where’s your Christ now?
Throw you down, stomp your face, on the concrete
Know who’s sounds pop when I lace it on beat
Flow I found, stop passing hate about me
b**w up crowds, lock me up cause I’m insane, see
Crows surround me, probably cause im tracing
My own steps back to when I was a hayseed
I’ve grown since, don’t you fu****g tantalize me
I’ve shown bliss to the ones who analyze me
Burn your coffin up, but there was no legit cremation
Turn the volume up, and listen, just live in the pain that’s
Churning inside your mind, keep on wishing for a change
Disturb your line of friends and family, mines a wasteland, face it
My Jason mask’s adjacent to my face, delayed in stasis
My heart is racing, started fading, long to be the greatest
The songs are me, I can’t evade them, gotta leave to face them
Don’t belong here, wrongs are fatal, in the weave of webs I’m in

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