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Lyrics for Candy Q by Laverge

I wanna tell you something
I don’t raise my glass for jerks like you
Running a tray with cancer

And talking us all into the doom

I still remember last time
Nobody rains on this parade
Coming in with your best suit
Bring all your wiles and make my day
(come and make my day)

All alone
Let me do
All I need is Candy Q
Will you show me the way to enjoy the ride?

A mirage
b**w your mind
Flying high on my motorhome
Show me the way and enjoy the ride

All the mistakes and failures
Won’t have me shaking or distressed
You made your brilliant movement
And I wrote a song out of despair

You’ll try to increase my heart beat
But I have roses by my feet
This game is never over
‘cause I am the guy in front of me

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