Jon Clark-Stay On

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Stay On

This song is by Jon Clark.

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Down here
Here is where the waste incinerates
Here I interface my inner space
And spray some debris
Making waves like jetskis in the Dead Sea
Fresh for all you sweaty retties

Let's see, yes, we're quite resourceful
When utilizing coarse tools more normal
(Some day)
I feel the force pull because I implode
Sucking in rows of windows I limbo absorbing info
(Some day)
To be regurgitated in esoteric debrical format
Sometimes mice come out to form tracks
Media shape-shifts in the matrix
Of base kicks and bits and the DJ tricks

Power rocks, the tower blocks
No difference
It's about showbiz
Nature selections make me take notice
Watching innate motives
That cover brain terrain like range rovers

(To the inside world)
(Sounds beautiful)
(What was your original form?)
(The fucking... Fire inside)

The heat is on
On like a pilot light
Yes I'm on like Johnny Five Alive
On like a trippy crimson tide
I'll improvise a little Kinder Surprise
Everybody stay on
The new days race dawn in a renaissance
For all you human autonomatons

I cause my thoughts to come together like bus doors
For up floors in dark rooms
Plus you're just sore trying to grasp my cartoons
Fashioned like harpoons
The lush intricacy integrated intimately
(Some day)
Object of infinite fascination
Changing into flaming tools castigating masquerading wolves
That eat chalk for sweet-talking to those of us who sleepwalk it
But DJ Mono keep the beats dropping

Oh you know I'm like a fit with large wom-woms
Well I been travelling liberates
Like the walled city in Hong Kong
And then our lesson rep comes in and I'm long gone
Drawn on to traverse the perverse nursery
It occurs to me
It's fucking with my early infant imprints
It could reverse nurture me
For instance
But I can reassess and disassemble my mental multiplex
Maybe reset my skulls
Presets that check compulsoriness
Less dressed to handle that full-on screwball scramble
I touch the baby babushka
The marble of the rubber band

My prime directives are shy, collective and undefined
The perspective that kept the sparks in a jar
Darling, you are the screaming heart of a star

(Somebody in...)
(... In a tree...)
(Reality's on her way)

Everybody stay on
The new days race dawn in a renaissance for all you human autonomatons
The case drawn to the flame
Come on
That's what all you boys and girls are made from
Stay on
The new days race dawn in a renaissance for all you human autonomatons
You belong to the place in Com
That's what little girls and boys are made from
Stay on

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