Blo.Torch-Spanish Sun

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Spanish Sun

This song is by Blo.Torch and appears on the album Blo.Torch (1999).

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Do not touch me for I am made of clay.
Your moistured lips leave my face with an unrecognizable stain.
Spread the disease, for your are the mother, the lover, you are the whore.
Could I sense your sickness from over here?
Repeatedly saying words often spoken, often thought.
Never said the way they were meant to be.
Never meant the way they were said to me.
Please hold my hand and let me bask in the radiance of your Spanish sun
If only the amphetamines could hold your body still.
Who is this man here, screaming in verbs unknown?
We do not know for we are the outcasts, we are the sinners.
I hope you will choke, I hope you will all choke.
The worm has laid it's eggs in every last one of you.
Holding on to grains of sand in the hourglass of time.
Slowly slipping, slowly slipping away.
If only I could be your mirror then you would break me.
Faster than the clay of which I am made.
If only the amphetamines could hold your body still.
Why are we here?
Your fever is burning my skin and twisting my thoughts.
I hope you will die in my arms tonight.
Let you down into the sea and let it swallow you whole.
But still you laugh and leave our spinning room while we kiss.
Never to return, never to meet again.
From sand to mud, from mud to clay, from clay to dust... forever.
Convulsing we dance into the night, touch the stain.
My soul is owned by fools, my life has just begun...
Shocked by the absence of angels in his hour of need.
No shoulder to cry on, no wings to fly on.
Let's burn the skin off from our fingers so nobody knows.
Who we are, what we have and where we're heading.
And I will never forget you, my angel in need.

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