This song is by Benighted and appears on the album Necrobreed (2017).

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The floor cracks under the hostile steps
The laughs escapes from the muddy ground
Among the wolves walks the faceless
Scarce become the food and the distant preys
Delighting in the unbearable stench
left from the blood of the snowy wood

Paranoid delusion
A schizophrenic conviction - Leatherface
A pathological pregnancy - Leatherface
Reborn through the warmth of the infection
A new level of anthropomorphism - Leatherface

He contemplates his proudly raised family
His breath is heavy and hot under the mask
He beholds the violence of their constant asthenia
Dislocated marionettes hanging at the end of their ropes

Moving with the wind in an epileptic dance
"get your hands of me"
The tears warm up his cheeks and he can't stop laughing
"get you hands of me"
He slowly disappears in a dark corner
Watch them play
Confined to shadow
Insidious and irreligious

The fresh liquids make the tools shine
The hammer smiles with cruelty for the metamorphosis
Seducing the needles craving for their path through the flesh

He can't remove the thorns of reality
Gone inside too deep, invisible
Making him suffer in the shallows
Insidious and irreligious
Fuck you all !

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