Beheaded-Punishment Of The Grave

Punishment Of The Grave

This song is by Beheaded and appears on the album Beast Incarnate (2017).

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Iblis. Father of all Jinn
Instigator of despair
Him. Urging men to sin
Who withdraws after his whisper

Damned - Among Jinn - Among Men

Miscreant - Forsaken - Corrupt
An existence scarred through centuries
From the mischief of evil
By God, for the ones who disobeyed

Their torment - Their Penance - Their Pain
Punishment of the grave

Among Jinn
Among men
The Whisperer
Harbringer of the end of days
Punishment of the grave

Their screams nobody can hear from the world of the living

When Struck by the iron hammer
That turns mountains into dust

Among Jinn
Among men
Their torment
Their penance
Their pain

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